The key to decorating a small bathroom lies in getting the most of the space available. This means that a functional bathroom is the one that is storage-friendly and everything is arranged well. And of course, all of this can be achieved if you follow some rules and here you will find some to get inspired from. Let’s check them out!


Colors can make or break the space, so you should choose the right ones for the bathroom. Light shades are the best choice for small spaces since they can open up space and make it look bigger than it actually is. You can also use dark tones, but only for some small details to create a contrast.

Use the corner space!

The corner space is the one that is often left empty, but in the case of the small bathroom, you should use this space too. For instance, corner bathtub will be the perfect choice for such a bathroom, where you will get more space to move freely around the bathroom and get more space for an extra shower enclosure or for storage.

A glass shower cubicle!

If you prefer a shower cubicle instead of a bathtub, then a glass one is the right choice for a small bathroom. The glass doors won’t break the space, but it will make it look bigger than it is.

Cluster-free countertop

A small bathroom should, of course, be well-organized. So, besides having everything organized in the drawers and cupboards, you should also keep the bathroom countertop cluter-free. Arrange your toiletries and towels right to have them at hand when you need them.

Add more light if possible!

Small spaces should be well-lighted in order to appear bigger than they are. So, do not hesitate to add more light fixtures. Also, you can add windows if possible, to get more natural light and thus open up space.

Always decorate with style!

And no matter how small the bathroom is, it should always be decorated with style. Choose some eye-catching floor that will steal the show or maybe add a pop of color to make a statement.

All in all, even the smallest bathroom can be functional if you know how to organize everything well and thus use every inch of the space available. The above tips are just some of the many to follow and hopefully, you will find them useful.