According to many research experts, chemotherapy is actually the best treatment for those who are suffering from cancer. But in order to have that treatment one also needs to know the treatment process and to make it work positively on the human body.

Before knowing about the cost of chemotherapy in India one should know the basic details about chemotherapy. This treatment was invented during the time of Second World War as at that time the medical scientists realized that there must be some treatment for those deadly diseases caused by the gas used in the war. That is how it got evolved and it became a very important way to kill cancer cells rapidly.

Here are a few advantages of chemotherapy.

  • This is any day a better treatment for the cancer cells. There is a specialty when it comes to chemotherapy. It helps in dividing the body cells in 2 ways and when a human fully grows up most of the body’s cell stop dividing and a huge amount of multiplying cell. But if our body wants to some repair then it automatically divides otherwise not. In the case of cancers, the body cell will not divide only multiplying. This mass of cell become tumor after some time because after dividing many time cells will be weak this is main causes to affected by cancer and become a tumor
  • Chemotherapy has many kinds of drugs that can stop the dividing the body cells and at the same time prevent the body cells from getting damaged and get the ability to kill cancer cells. Chemotherapy is a solution of chemical it enters in the body and stops to damaging body cell.

Here are four ways of taking chemotherapy. One can take it with the help of injections where it directly enters the nervous system and bloodstream. Or else there can be a drip system by which it can be sent to the bloodstreams. One can also take it through capsules or tablets. In this process, the chemotherapy treatment reaches every cell in the body and kills the infected cell of the virus. As a result, with this process chemotherapy protects the body. This process is also a systematic treatment.

Here are some major side effects of chemotherapy. It has both positive and negative points. During the treatment If chemotherapy affected cancer cell then it also this cell which cannot affect then it is a  reason it has some side effects like hair fall, vomiting, bone tissue death, decreased white and red cells, hearing loss, anemia, blindness and many more. Chemotherapy is also a big reason to lose a patient kidney and liver and directly attacks the immune system of the patient.

Chemotherapy is used to destroy the cancer cell of the body but if it is a success then more chances to obtain the side effects of cancer. So one needs to remain very careful and cautious when this treatment is in process. The doctors also take good care of the patients going through this therapy.