If you are in Split and are wondering how to get to the famous fairytale town of Dubrovnik in a conquest to explore the treasures of Dalmatia, then wonder no more as here’s a comprehensive breakdown of the how.

1) Taking the bus or car


Two options are at your fingertips with regards to road travel i.e. renting a car or taking the bus. The latter shouldn’t be a problem as there is an abundance of buses frequenting the usual route that traverses Makarska and spans a little into Bosnia and Herzegovina courtesy of the 22.5 km long Neum passageway that dips through the neighboring country. Consequently, it’s advisable to carry with you essential travel documents such as passports and the likes as you might need them at the various checkpoints in-between. 125 Kuna is the price to pay for a single, one-way bus ticket.

Traveling via the A1 motorway makes up the second route at your disposal. It’s a bit longer than the aforementioned and you’ll incur toll charges of about 55 kunas but it is the way to go if you’d like to take in some heavenly Croatian shores. Nonetheless, be sure to bring along all the requisite documents even if you opt for this route as they could still come in handy.

2) Travelling by sea


Making the journey through the Adriatic is one of the best ways to travel from Split to Dubrovnik and vice versa as you also get to see the coastal treats on display along the way. There are two ferry companies offering commercial transportation here, the first being Jadrolinija that affords a 5-hour long trip on a passenger-only catamaran that departs 15 minutes past 4 PM. If you have just a day to spare, you can fit in two trips plus some exploring time if you catch the morning ferry that leaves at 7:15 AM to return to dock at a quarter to 4 PM. 200 kunas is the cost of a single one-way ticket with this company.

Competitor Kapetan Luka, conversely, offers a pair of passenger catamarans plying different paths. For a one-way ticket priced at 200 kuna, you could take the first vessel which journeys via Mljet, Hvar and Brac islands or the second one that passes through Brac, Korcula and Makarska. This second vessel operates from June through to early September while the first is available daily between May and October.

3) Taking the plane


Air travel might be the safest way to travel but it’s not the most readily available for the Split-to-Dubrovnik route. There is usually just one flight by commercial airlines every week but you could opt for private planes which are naturally costlier but make the trip more frequently. Pocket-friendly operator Trade Air is in charge of air and flight services between both towns and you could book a ticket in advance so as to avoid the problem of last-minute bookings which are quite difficult to secure.

4) Opting for a private transfer


It’s a case of leaving the best for last with the private transfer option proving the most hassle-free and convenient way to travel from Split to Dubrovnik. A professional travel company will take care of getting you from one place to another and will also provide accommodation necessities as well as other nice perks to spruce up your trip.

And that’s just about it for travel options between Split and Dubrovnik.