5 Reasons Why You Should Live in NY

New York has been rated as an ideal destination for the tourists, hopeful business persons, and roaming artists alike. But it is also one of the greatest cities to settle in. People often opt for New York as their relocation destination to change their pace of life, which too, tends to become monotonous with time.

New York is upbeat! The opportunities and energy you find here are incomparable. And if you are someone who can easily keep up with the beats and rhythms of NYC, moving there might be a good idea for you.

While there are tons of qualities we can highlight about this amazing city, let’s focus on the most important five reasons why you should live in NY.

Unmatched diversity

Diversity is the first thing you will notice about NYC. It’s one of the most treasured attributes of the city. NY is also sometimes referred to as the melting pot of America. With the range of culture, customs, religions, and beliefs, this is where you will find it all. More than 35% of the population in NY is comprised of people from different countries.

Be prepared to hear as many as 800 different languages in the city. And to make it even better, everyone you come across will have their own story, whether they are a local, a transplant, or an immigrant. You can never feel like an outsider in NYC, because in some way or the other, you will belong, too; you will definitely find people whose story you will be able to relate to or find inspiring.


As mentioned above, the city is always upbeat. If you love peace and want to settle in a place with tranquility, you might want to think again about moving to New York. Because this place is on its mark 24/7.

The buzzing traffic, fast-paced lifestyles, 24-hour life, creative spirit, and the hustle and bustle of people makes it one of the most vibrant places in the world.


Looking to settle in a city with an active nightlife? New York has that and much more to offer. It does not only have an active nightlife but is available around the clock as if the city never sleeps. Early morning blow dry? Mediterranean dinner at midnight? Not a problem!

You can access anything and at any time in this city. There are tons of eateries, clubs, cafes, drug and grocery stores, pet shops, and what not. And luckily, you don’t have to travel all the way to a specific destination to access it all. Also, moving to a new city isn’t a piece of cake, but finding the right moving companies in NYC will sweep you through the long distance move to NYC is, because it is New York City we’re talking about!

In fact, you can find everything within a short radius of your own residence. The convenience you can experience here can become addictive.


The neighborhoods in this large city are designed like small, individual towns. Each neighborhood in the city has its distinct flavor and personality that is easily identifiable.

From Lower East Side to Harlem, Brooklyn Heights to Coney Islands, Flushing to Astoria, and the Staten Island’s St. George to the Bronx’s Little Italy, you can witness some of the best neighborhoods in NYC that are brimming with culture and character.

There’s something for everyone, and you can find yourself the perfect place that you can instantly connect with.


The Grand Central Station, Statue of Liberty, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and the Empire State Building are some of the many popular landmarks in the region that you shouldn’t wait to discover. These places are worth exploring for they have hidden incredible architectural treasures and attractions that you shouldn’t miss out on.

This place is inspirational. It has the ‘I can do it’ vibe and puts a sense of accomplishment in people. Despite the competition, there’s a great level of opportunity that you find just wandering around the city. This place can turn your dream into reality.


You can never get enough of the variety you can find in New York City. You may have lived your entire life here but still may not have eaten in every restaurant, hit every club, seen every Broadway show, or witnessed the lifestyle of every neighborhood.

Right when you think you were done witnessing it all, you will have a new list of things to do in the NYC!