10 Apps You'll Need to Survive College

In this society, where everyone is consumed by the need to always be in sync with technology. It has become somewhat of a necessity for individuals to explore spheres of novelty that can imbue a certain flair into their life. Perhaps, in this technologically-saturated environment, the most feasible and suitable option for most students is to inundate themselves in the pool of apps that have emerged in the technological market. For this reason, when battling and dealing with the distress of academics, then in order to find a sense of support, assistance, and convenience one of the best options that can be availed by a student is to make use of apps. As they are a force of nature that can elevate the motivation quotient of an individual, can manage time, make one’s life more efficient, alleviate the feeling of lethargy and inertia whilst deterring the act of inactivity.

As a consequence, when entering college life or if already dealing with the nuisance that college life is, then employ and derive help from these apps to ameliorate your functioning abilities, cerebral thought process, and management skills.

Any.do: Most students tend to struggle with managing their time, they start lagging behind as a result of their inability to integrate their tasks in a cohesive manner. This app is perfect for students who wish to make to-do lists or checklists that can help them keep a tab on their activities. The app comprises of a layout whereupon, students can easily conjure to-do lists, where priorities can be set and new entries can be added. This app also provides a feature that enables synchronisation with any other device of the student’s. Through this app, students can bring a sense of structure and compartmentalisation in their lives, in order to change the fabric of disarray imbued within their lives.

Bench Prep: Are you always struggling with finding resource material for your exam prep? Are you always searching for source material, but tend to not find credible information? Then, this app is the perfect choice. The Bench Prep app allows you to educate yourself regarding innumerable subject matters, enables you to utilise flashcards, and test yourself through its practise questions. The app is available for both iOS & Android users (Free)

Scribd: This app contains within itself the biggest online library. Students can easily access this app to mark and organise their topics of interests, they can coach themselves regarding a wide pool of subjects and matters of significance, whilst sitting in their bedroom. This app presents students with the opportunity to access a wide range of intellectual knowledge without rummaging for it, as it is offered in a curated and organised manner.

GroupMe: One of the biggest facets of college life is working in groups. No matter the extent to which you hate group work, it nevertheless is an inevitable part of college life. Therefore, students should employ avenues of support that can help mitigate the complexities related to this task. This app breaks down the need to physically interact in order to do a project, instead, students can easily communicate between each other by conversing via this app’s chat feature.

My Fitness Pal: It becomes relatively hard for students to juggle between their academic tasks and their dietary needs. They start slipping into a sense of being, that is engulfed by poor nutritious choice. Therefore, in order to eradicate such habits what is essential is to make use of an app that can allow you to gauge whether you have fared well on the weighing scale. This app enables the student to count their calorie intake, helps keep track of your physical workout and keeps a tab on your water intake, which on a whole empowers the student to make pragmatic and informed decisions regarding their eating habits.

Dictionary/Thesaurus: Are you always grappling with the inability to add rich and complex words in your essay? Are your essays always dry and mundane due to the lack of good vocabulary? Then, in order to score high on your essay piece, it is necessary for the essay to be weaved with a sense of intellect and creativity, which can only be imbued into the content if a diverse range of words are put to use. Hence, putting in words that fit the right context and employing words that can enrich the quality of the essay is imperative. This app, therefore, allows the student to search for new words, and then add words that can add value to the content.

TED: Are you looking for a source of inspiration? Are you wondering where to find a sense of stimulation that can push you to charge towards your academic tasks? The TED app facilitates you to discover the range of talks that are contained within the database of this app. These talks are informative, compelling, motivating, educative, and thought-provoking. Through these apps, students can enter an uncharted zone of ideas and perspectives that are unknown to them, without traveling or experiencing it first-hand, as they shall be able to view the vantage point of an experienced and cultivated individual.

Chegg: Is the new semester upon you? Do you have to buy new books? Just hold that thought, rather than spending a blinding amount of money on new books, what you can do instead is download this app as it eases the process of availing your new course books. All you have to do is rent the book out when you need it.

Headspace: Are you looking for a mental break? Are you looking to calm yourself and clear your headspace? This app provides students with a reservoir of tranquillity and serenity that can transport the individual into a different realm. This app provides a meditation guide to students aiming to bring a sense of composure into their lives.

DuoLingo: Do you wish to learn a new language? Do you wish to augment the repertoire of your skills? Then, this app is the perfect avenue for you to learn a new language. Be it Spanish or French, the app through its easy interface and easy tactics, allows you to learn the language in a fluent manner.

By and large, there are various apps and essay help uk services that can be utilised in order to smoothen academic life, however, the above-mentioned ones are truly helpful in alleviating the strain that college life places upon you.