Rakhi Gifts For Newly Married Bhaiya Bhabhi

As the month of August draws nearer each year, all Indian brothers and sisters are overwhelmed with a joyful excitement. Celebrated on the final day of the month of Shraavana, Rakhsha Bandhan is a unique festival that brings countless families together.

This tradition, observed in India since time immemorial, celebrates the bond of affection and unconditional love shared between brothers and sisters. On this day, sisters traditionally tie a ritualistic thread known as the Rakhi around their brothers` wrists to symbolize their dedication towards protecting them from all evils. In return, brothers bestow splendid return gifts upon their sisters, giving their blessings and promising to care for them forever.

Over the years, Rakhsha Bandhan has undergone an endearing transformation to become a spectacular occasion marked by siblings and cousins exchanging adorable gifts. Even the Rakhi has advanced from being a modest thread to become the majestic centrepiece for the event, with craftsmen bringing you Rakhis to choose from an alluring array of designs so that your brother`s arm is adorned with the perfect one.

Rakhi Gifts To Make You Bhabi`s Favourite

If your brother has married recently, then it is all the more reason for you to gear up for this Rakhsha Bandhan. While being the Behen to a doting Bhaiya is an immense privilege, having a loving Bhabi is an even greater treasure. So, when you plan your Rakhi celebrations this year, you should not let your sister-in-law feel left out.

In fact, take this opportunity to make her feel like an integral family member. Because, from now on, your brother`s happiness is bound to be linked to his wife`s well-being. If you are confused about what to gift her, Lumba Rakhis provide an instant solution.

Especially meant for you to tie onto your sister-in-law`s bangles, these Rakhis are rooted in Marwari tradition and come in intricately crafted, beautiful designs. Dangling from her wrist, they epitomize your blessings for your Bhabi`s secured future.

They are usually available as part of Bhaiya-Bhabi Rakhi sets and go well with traditional outfits. You may also consider presenting the couple with an elegant pair of watches, a traditional Rakhi Thali, resplendent pieces of home decor or other household utilities along with Rakhis, to come up with the most cherished Rakhi Gifts.

Effective Solutions to Help You Bridge the Distance

If you are living abroad and thousands of miles threaten to hamper your plans for celebrating your brother`s first Rakhsha Bandhan after marriage, you need not dampen your spirits.

As numerous Rakhi Delivery Online portals flood the Internet with their delightful Rakhi collections and hampers, you can now send Rakhis to India with Free Shipping. All that you have to do is purchase your gifts from their Internet-based portals and they would be happy to help.

Rakhi Combos for Your Bhaiya and Bhabi

Rakhis with Flower Vases: In addition to Bhaiya-Bhabi Rakhi sets, you may choose an enthralling Love Swan flower vase carved with motifs, as a delightful gift for the newly-wed couple.

Rakhis with Watch Sets: Serving as timeless gifts, presenting a pair of resplendent watches to the lovebirds would ensure that they bear your tokens of love all the time.

Rakhis with Photo Frames: Giving the couple, a serene photo frame studded with your favourite photograph from their wedding might be the most touching gift this Rakhsha Bandhan.

Rakhis with Items of Home Decor: Showpieces and wall hangings can be greatly instrumental in influencing a home`s ambience. Gift your brother and his wife stunning pieces of home decor such as a crystal tortoise, a Ganesha carving, or a showpiece of the Laughing Buddha, to help them usher in good luck and beautify their interiors.

Rakhis with Personalized Merchandise: A plethora of online gifting portals now allow you to go hands-on and personalize your gifts. Think of how you can personalize a pair of coffee mugs, a set of cosy cushions, key rings, bedding linen or tablecloths with the most loveable pictures and quotes, to come up with the perfect Rakhi gift for your brother and his wife.

Rakhis with Dry Fruits and Kitchen Accessories: If your brother is a food lover and his wife, an excellent cook, then this combo would suit them like no other. The Dry Fruits would form lip-smacking, yet healthy Rakhi treats for your brother, while the kitchenware would help your sister-in-law add to her cooking inventory. If your brother has a sweet tooth, you can make the gift sweeter by adding an assortment of sweets.

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