Automation of Human Work Has Been Intensified; Is It Good or Bad?

AI is one of the most important things humanity is working on. It is more profound than, I dunno, electricity or fire. – Says Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai

If we take a close look at the present digital age, artificial intelligence permeates all industries right now and web designing is no exception. Tech giants like Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft are competing to find the next best thing in AI. After all, AI is rapidly gaining momentum across all spectrum of the tech industries including the world of web design where the concept is reshaping our digital interactions.

Using Artificial intelligence (AI) means companies have more sophisticated website designs, improved user experience with chatbots, search engine optimization, marketing strategy, and more. Users being infovore these days expect personalization at every level. Yes, they want everything predictable and easy to follow. As a result, they search for easy-to-use and an intuitive bunch of features, mobile responsive layouts, actionable emails, user-friendly content, more advanced mobile notifications, etc. Although these handful of tricks are somehow hard to achieve but can be completely possible with Artificial Intelligence.

About Artificial Intelligence

Believe it or not, artificial intelligence can work wonders for you. It is tailor-made to make the difficult task of web designing easier. Due to which several web designing agencies are processing images, text, and URLs to automatically shape them into functional and unique websites.

Applying AI in web designing is also eradicating all the technical barriers for non-tech people especially the ones who aim to collaborate across a myriad of devices without the hassle of knowing how to do all these technical stuff.

Pros and Cons of AI in Web Design


  • Improved user experience- One of the most important concepts of web designing is enhancing user experience. No business seems to be complete without its end users or customers. Therefore, it is very important to make sure that your products are easy to find and customers can easily check out if needed. Do you know that companies such as Amazon are good at having a customer-centric website that uses AI to improve customer experience?
  • Personalized content- Whether you think of a video, blog or an article- content will always remain the kind on the internet. By implementing AI you can show your valuable audience certain kind of content which is tailored for them. For example, with YouTube, Netflix, Spotify, and other content platforms — AI often suggests new music, videos and other relevant content for users based on their past behaviors. As a result, users feel comfortable discovering new content while being certain that they would like it.
  • Voice Search optimization- One of the fastest growing design trends for web design for voice search optimization. Since many customers are using their mobile devices more than their desktop, websites often have to optimize for mobile devices. According to several researches, 50% of all searches will use voice by 2020. People feel more comfortable using voice Search Optimization now than ever before as 40% of adults now use voice search once per day. By implementing AI in your website, AI voice bots can help your customer find what they need no matter what language they are speaking.


  • A Place for Humans- By 2030, up to 90% of all jobs will be under threat to be replaced by smart machines. Does this include web design, graphic design, and mobile app design? And since AI has proven to be more efficient in terms of forming content to fit on various devices, will we still need how to code? If not, how can we transition into this phase? These are a few crucial questions that come to mind when we think out human’s place when integrating AI into web design. Pretty hard to predict! But one thing’s for sure, humans are full of creativity and imagination, I am sure it will be difficult for even AI to replicate.
  • Privacy issues- Since AI and machine learning can be built to monitor consumer behaviors and their interactions online, many consumers often feel uneasy. Software such as Google analytics, when combined with AI, has unlimited potential to mine customer data and insights. This is going to be a challenging topic for years to come as it’s going to be difficult to find a key balance between knowing too much about your customers and helping them find the right products that fit their needs.