7 Reasons Behind Increased Demand Of Telehealth in Millennials

The year is 2018. Smartphones are becoming smarter, the earth’s atmosphere is becoming crankier and millennials are taking over the world. Companies with their thirst for innovative ideas to make more bucks and millennials with their desire to try new stuff, are the perfect combo. A generation that makes up for 25% of the US population is the perfect testing market for companies to try all their new ideas on.

This is the generation that uses their phone to complete all their tasks, from paying their bills to controlling their home. They want everything in their life to be fast and easy, so why should their access to medical care be any different? Telehealth is the method of distributing medical care and medical information through different forms of technology. Imagine a world where you don’t have to dress up and go to a clinic to wait long hours for your appointment. Instead, you turn on your phone to have a video call with your physician and to receive medical help. Telehealth professionals have struck gold by targeting this generation and here’s why millennials can’t get enough of it.

  • Time Efficient

For a generation that’s constantly running around, time is a commodity that cannot be wasted on a whim that something is wrong every time you get a mysterious ache or a cold. Telehealth gives people the option to make medical appointments at their own convenience. You don’t have to go to the clinic every time you have a follow up appointment or every time you want a new prescription.

  • Low Cost

With medical costs hitting the roof and grad jobs being underpaid, millennials are finding it hard to bear their living expenses, let alone the cost of medical care. When cash is tight, you often forego medical expenses in lieu of other important necessities. This is where telehealth makes healthcare more affordable and accessible for people. No cost of fuel expenses or overly expense doctor fees, or even the cost of missing a day of work to make time for the doctor. For a super stressed generation, telehealth takes a lot of that stress away.

  • Better access to help for mental health issues

In a society where mental health problems are still stigmatized, telehealth company have proven to be a godsend for troubled adults. Anxiety and depression often make it hard for people to get out of bed, let alone seek health for their issues. With telehealth, help is now just a phone call or a video call away. For millennials, therapy is now a chat with your mental health professional or a video call with a counsellor instead of sitting face to face with someone.

  • Convenient

Instead of altering your whole schedule to fit medical appointments, telehealth gives you the option to schedule medical help on your own terms, in the way you prefer.  What would you rather prefer? Monthly appointments with the doctor where you are poked and prodded for checking your vitals or a wristband that monitors your vitals and sends information to your doctor for monitoring ? Telehealth makes sure to incorporate your health checks into your daily life so you don’t have to go out of your way or your comfort zone in order to keep your health status in check.

  • Easy Tracking

Instead of storing files and files of medical records, you have all your healthcare information organized into an app, at the touch of a button. All your medical records and prescriptions are safely stored, only to be accessed by you. These records then can be shared with your doctor for easy and fast diagnosis.

  • Reduction in emergency care visits

For many adults, doctor visits are only for dire medical attention. Many adults get their first solo taste of the American Medical System when they end up in the emergency room for one thing or another. Most ERs see cases where adults come to them with dire medical issues that started out small but escalated after being left unattended. With telehealth, Medical care professionals are putting themselves as a step before those ER visits. Due to their low cost, millennials can now afford to get treatments for their ailments before it gets life-threatening.

  • Better options for self-treatment

For a very long time, the best friend of a broke person with medical issues has been WebMD. Everyone has tried to self-diagnose themselves once or twice with WebMD and has then headed straight to wikihelp to search for remedies. With the advent of telehealth, now millennials don’t have to rely on old wives tales to cure their ailments. A simple chat with your available professional helps them to not only diagnose their ailment but also cure it in the best way.

Telehealth is the future of modern medicine and millennials are just leading the way for the whole world to jump on that bandwagon.