Sydney might not be the capital of Australia, but it is certainly one of the few capitals of the world. Along with New York City, Hong Kong, Paris and Tokyo, it is a cutting-edge urban mosaic of cultural, architectural and infrastructural significance (not to mention size). If this destination tops your bucket list and you cannot wait to finally visit it, here are the best places to visit in Sydney.

Tower Eye

If you are a newcomer to Sydney, chances are you will end up in the Central Business District as soon as you can. The river of cars and people can be quite overwhelming at first and you might need to get your bearings, so head straight to the Sydney Tower Eye, the 309 meters tall structure that offers an incredible panoramic view of the city. This can serve as an amazing introduction to Sydney, a place where you can escape the city verve for a moment and truly prepare yourself for the experience that will follow as you “map out” your string of destinations according to what you see from such an opportune vantage point.

Harbour Bridge

While you have every right to choose a completely unique route for yourself, most experienced travelers that have already visited Sydney will recommend that you visit the awe-inspiring Sydney Harbour Bridge as soon as you get down from the Tower Eye. The gargantuan metal construction that overarches the bay has been the main attraction of the city before the opera house has been built, but it has hardly lost any of its luster. If you are brave enough to make the climb to the top (with certain security measures, of course) you are in for one of those urban adventures that are remembered for a lifetime.

Opera House

Opera House is hardly a surprising entry on the list – or any other list related to best places you can visit in Sydney for that matter. Still, it only goes to show what this architectural marvel represents to the city and its citizens. The mesmerizing contours of this glorious edifice are the work of the brilliant Danish architect Jørn Utzon who has brought this masterpiece to life in 1973. Still, this is not a lifeless monument. The inner building that houses theaters, cinema, concert halls and café-restaurants is the hotspot of numerous Sydney manifestations throughout the year. Who knows, you might actually arrive at an opportune moment to catch a show.

Bondi Beach

Of course, you cannot leave Sydney before spending at least one lazy afternoon on Bondi Beach. The legendary stretch of sand is probably the most renowned communal spot for aquatic activities in all of Australia, and mingling with a sea of interesting people around you can be quite an experience. Of course, that’s not to say that this beach is exclusive for the layabouts. In fact, there are so many activities you can enjoy in its vicinity, you can spend a whole week there. If Bondi is your cup of tea and you want to linger in this part of town for longer, Contemporary Hotels offers some truly incredible accommodations with amazing ocean view.

The Royal Botanic Garden

The city fatigue is the real thing and don’t you think it cannot overtake you just because you have finally arrived in Sydney. Even the greatest cities in the world tend to become too loud too quickly, but thankfully, the Harbour City also boasts numerous green oases that offer a moment of respite for all the tired strollers. Still, The Royal Botanic Garden is a truly special location – it is a lush and diverse biome of overwhelming greenery that encompasses 30 hectares and which has been created as far back as 1816. It’s a place where you can truly appreciate the assortment of interesting plant life and you should definitely visit the Latitude 23 Glasshouse to be dazzled with some of the more delicate but absolutely mesmerizing flowers.

Slowly but surely, Sydney appears to be replacing New York City as the new capital of the world. The conditions for this seem to be opportune – the economy is stable, the multiculturality of its welcoming residents is astoundingly vibrant and the cityscape appears to be growing, encapsulating all spheres of life that intersect on its impressive cobweb of streets.