Blood is the one of the most important network system present in the body. Blood is present in each and every corner of the body. Along with carrying different cells and the nutrients to the parts of the body. Blood also acts as the potent drainage system of the body too. It flushes many toxins and impurities from the body. Blood contains many types of cells. They are the WBC or the white blood cells, the red blood cells or the RBC’s, the platelets and many more. Out of these RBC and WBC carries really good importance. The color of the blood is red due to the presence of RBC. It contains the active ring-shaped biomolecular compound called as the hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is a fused type of substance that is present as the heme part and the globin part. The heme is the part that contains the iron and the globin is the protein parts. Together it works as a functional hemoglobin as it is the metalloprotein. The WBC is called as the white blood cells. They are responsible for the defense system of the body. Any external compound that comes into the body which can be harmful is sensed by the WBC and thus gets phagocytosed or complete destruction.

Hematology and the Hematologists

Hematology deals with the blood and also the organs that form the blood and other associated organs and the disease that surrounds the blood and these organs. Blood is very much prone to diseases and infection. Although it takes a lot for the infective agent to infect the blood however it is well possible. And as soon as the blood gets an infection that body also gets affected by the contamination of the blood. One of the most important functions of the blood is that it carries oxygen with the help of hemoglobin throughout the body. Contamination of the blood will lead to less oxygen transfer resulting in the improper activities of the organs of the body. As every organ in the human body needs oxygen to work. Many diseases like hemophilia, leukemia, and lymphoma and sickle-cell anemia are very serious and can be fatal also. Hematology deals with the treatment and the diagnosis of the malignant as well as disorder condition of the blood. In medicine hematology deals with pathology, etiology, physiology, prognosis, diagnosis and cure and treatment of the diseases related to the blood. For this hematologists hold special importance for their work.

Area of Focus

The main area of the focus for the hematologist is the lymphoid organs and the bone marrow cells. They also analyze the blood cell counts including the platelets. TBC (total blood count) is a biochemical test that gives total cellular information about the blood. They also treat different organs that are in close contact with the blood or fed by it.

Success story

Best hematologists in India have great working abilities that are very much acknowledged by the patients as they got good results from their diagnosis. Although in case of leukemia the success rate is very much less.

Future Hopes

It is expected that in the future times the untreated diseases will also get treated and the medical science and technology will flourish more and more.