Bangalore The Green IT City

Are you tired of the crowds and the pollution of New Delhi? Looking for new adventure and places to visit? You should head on over to Bangalore, the garden city. Known for its greenery and the huge number of lakes around; it is a city filled with great buildings, streets and the most hospitable people around the country. It is most popular fact about this city, however, is the fact that it is the biggest IT hub in the country. Bangalore is often referred to as the silicon valley of India. There are many companies which have their headquarters in this city.

For the occasional traveler, this is the ideal city for visiting. You can indulge in some famous local delicacies, such as dosas, idlis, and vadas among other savory foods. Almost all of the restaurants in the city serve these foods. You can also visit the various parks in and around the city, explore the growing microbrewery culture in the city and visit the palace. For anyone who likes to do, this city is the place to be.

Some places which should be on everyone’s checklist are:

Cubbon Park: A 300-acre park enclosure which was opened in the late 19th century, this place is home to a variety of birds and animals and even features some buildings inside the park, which are popular attractions. This park is what gives the city the infamous nickname of ‘the garden city’. Whether it is just taking a stroll or going for a run, this park has everything to offer. Its importance to the ecosystem of the city is highly vital. It is the lung of the city and ensures that the pollution is being absorbed by the trees.  

Lalbagh Garden: This garden is one of the oldest in the country and is home to the world-famous glass house, which has been hosting two annual flower shows since the 1890s. It is home to the country’s largest collection of exotic and tropical plants and has a lake. This is one of the most visited spots in the whole of Bangalore. Inside its 188 acre enclosure one can find various species of birds as well, thus it is a delight for travelers who come here for the flowers but get engrossed by the birds.

Apart from these lush green places, there are other tourist attractions. The Bangalore Palace is a very popular attraction near these gardens. One can combine a trip to all these places in a single day and end it on a good note by shopping at the many streets near MG road or put on your dancing shoes and get on with it at the many pubs and clubs in the area. Regardless of what you want to do in the city, there is always something for everyone. So all you need to do is check the Delhi to Bangalore flight schedules and book the most convenient flights. Come on over to Bangalore to cool off and enjoy a different lifestyle for a few days. One can be surprised by how much they might end up liking the city.