Indulge In The Beauty Of Kerala And Goa By Availing Tour Packages

Kerala is one of the important places in South India which is usually referred to as ‘God’s Own Country’. This location is meant for its unspoiled beauty. By visiting this tourist destination, you are sure to get enjoyment from wildlife, adventure, mountains, beach, culture, and heritage of the city. The tourist destinations in Kerala please, tempt and hence grant unforgettable memory. This coastal state is nestled between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats so it offers pleasant experience throughout the year. Whether it might be honeymoon couples, family vacationers, adventure lovers or solo backers, there is something available for everyone. You can avail Kerala tour packages to view the important destinations in the best way.

How To Get Memorable Goa Trip?

Goa is really divine place. With plenty of hotels, shacks around the beaches, this tourist destination is considered as the best place to visit throughout the year. Goa is the most preferred destination for honeymoon couples because the newly married couples will begin their romantic life in this destination only. There are plenty of attractions to rejoice in this location like sports activities, sightseeing places, and Extravaganza beaches. If you are planning to take a trip to this most sought after destination then it is suggested to consider for Goa tour packages.

Indulge In The Beauty Of Kerala And Goa By Availing Tour Packages

What Is The Best Time To Visit Kerala?

Kerala serves as tourist paradise because of its backwaters, culture & seaside respite. Goa is known to be the wonderful destination that offers tourists with a splendid opportunity to spend their pleasurable and memorable vacation in the midst of scenic charm of culture and nature.  The best time to visit Kerala is from September to March month because the climate is extremely comfortable and cool. Actually, Kerala being the rainy state contributes to the posh greeneries. Rainfall is received during 9th-month duration and monsoon starts from the month of June.

Places Of Interest In Kerala

  • Kumarakom: Located near Vembanad Lake, Kumarakom is the significant tourist destination. This quiet little land is blessed with the exotic ecosystem, pleasant weather, and alluring sceneries. This tourist spot holds the best place among other destinations of Kerala.
  • Kozhikode: Known famously as Calicut, Kozhikode is recognized as the stunning city of Kerala. From historic monuments, temples, churches to waterfalls & sanctuaries, Kozhikode has everything which makes your holiday perfect one in Kerala.
  • Thiruvananthapuram: This city is one of the best tourist spots in Kerala. The mesmerizing city features huge shoreline with plenty of beautiful beaches. Other than that, the serene backwater, coconut groves, palm trees etc add impressive glory to the location.

Places Of Interest In Goa

  • Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary: Situated in Canacona Taluk, this wildlife sanctuary spreads across an area of about 86 square meters. Established in 1969, the cougar is the second biggest reserves of Goa. This park serves as the dwelling for gazelles, hyenas, tigers, sloth bear, antelopes, bison, panthers, slender loris and many more.
  • Terekhol Fort: Situated in the northern part of Goa, Terekhol Fort was constructed originally in the 17th century by Khem. This fort has been converted and renovated as Fort Terekhol Heritage. This is one of the must-visit places in Goa, especially during May month.

Thus, you can visit these exciting places to get unforgettable memories and get rid of unwanted tensions.