5 Lifestyle Changes To Keep Your Heart Healthy

Around 92.1 million adults in the United States are victims of heart diseases. Coronary disease is the major heart condition that causes 44% deaths in America every year. Sadly, a stroke is responsible for 16.8% deaths and heart failure grabs the third spot. It causes 9% deaths in America.

Medicines and other conventional therapies can control heart diseases. However, until you find a solution to your hectic lifestyle, it isn’t possible to take good care of yourself. A simple yet effective solution is to implement a few positive changes in your lifestyle to avoid heart-related complications.

We have compiled top five basic lifestyle changes, which will not only help you keep your heart healthy but improve your overall wellbeing.

1.     Healthy eating

What you eat has a strong impact on your health condition. If you have good eating habits, you will be healthier. Unfortunately, what we call convenient food, is made up of bad food choices. Our busy schedule and hectic lifestyle are contributing towards more dependence on processed, unhealthy foods.

Skipping meals is another common diet mistake we make. We have too many carbs and trans fats in our diet, which further affect our health in many ways. These unhealthy habits lead to health issues, particularly related to our heart and digestive system.

The right food plays a major role in maintaining optimal health. Besides taking meals on time, add fruits, green veggies, cereals, and fibrous foods to your diet. Making proper food choices has never been more crucial.

2.     Ditch the sedentary routine

Another major culprit that keeps you from staying healthy and fit is a sedentary lifestyle. If you don’t move enough, it takes a toll on both your mental and physical health. Exercise is your best bet to maintain a healthy system. Exercising improves blood circulation, which pumps your heat with more oxygenated blood. As a result, your heart remains healthy.

You do not have to hit the gym. Just make your routine more active. Add simple exercises to your routine and just give 30-minutes out of your day to work out to keep your heart healthy.  Even simple morning and evening walks can be very helpful.

3.     Don’t take unnecessary medicines

We carelessly take medicines when need be. Unfortunately, we can access a variety of OTC drugs without a prescription. Painkillers, for instance, are the most common medicines we take quite carelessly. Instead of going to the doctor, we also ask around for medicine recommendations based on our symptoms.

What we fail to understand is that medicines without a prescription can be dangerous. What works for one person may not be suitable for another. Such medicines may help you temporarily with your symptoms but can detrimentally influence your health in the long run, putting excessive pressure on your heart.

No matter how small your symptoms are, if you are facing a medical issue, it is best to see a doctor for it. Your overall medical history and symptoms help experts prescribe you suitable medicines, which do not cause an adverse reaction.

4.     Avoid alcohol and smoking

Smoking and alcohol are common trends amongst adults and teenagers who are party freaks. These unhealthy habits are other major contributors that lead to heart diseases. What you do for fun can cost you in the long run.

Even secondhand smoke has similar effects. Remember, regular alcohol consumption and smoking can lead to various life-threatening health issues – including cardiovascular diseases and cancer. So make sure you think twice before picking that drink or cigarette again.

5.     Live a stress-free life

Stress is becoming an inevitable factor in our lives. Our demanding work schedules, priorities, and other commitments are putting pressure on us and causing stress. While it may not be directly associated with heart health, there’s surely a connection between stress and our overall wellbeing.

Stress is a major factor behind high blood pressure problem, which affects your heart. When your mind is stressed, it also makes you susceptible to various other unhealthy habits, like binge eating, chain-smoking and even drinking.  Eventually, all of this can shoot up your blood pressure and result in a heart attack.

Final Word

Your body functions depend greatly on this vital organ – your heart. If you fail to keep up with your heart health, you will be compromising on your health and putting your life at risk. So before such an emergency arises, it is important to implement these crucial lifestyle changes and keep your heart healthy and pumping!

Remember, if you feel something isn’t right, schedule an appointment with your healthcare provider ASAP. You can use a trustworthy telemedicine platform or visit a healthcare facility to get your questions answered.