Surveys That Pay Instantly

While surveys are becoming a popular way to earn a good amount of passive income, it’s slightly annoying for everyone to wait before they can redeem the points.

Survey sites usually take a lot of time before you can redeem the reward points. Either they have a minimum threshold before you can redeem, or they have a time limit for the same.

But say goodbye to waiting as we have collected a number of survey sites that pay instantly. These are the sites that pay within 24-48 hours after you have taken the survey and can be a good source of income if you need the money instantly. Some of them also reward you with a gift card or PayPal money almost immediately after you finish the survey, still, there may be a time lag due to a holiday or time is taken in bank processing.  

So below are a number of sites that pay rewards almost immediately

Quick Thoughts

With a minimum threshold limit of only $10, you can immediately avail an Amazon gift card on this brilliant survey application. For people living in the United Kingdom, the threshold limit is £10. Apart from Amazon gift card, you can also avail a gift card for iTunes.

Harris Pole Online

On this survey site, 1250 points result in $10 which is also the limit you need to reach before you can redeem your gift card on various popular e-commerce sites.

Pinecone Research

Backed by New York Based leading market research firm Nielsen, this survey site is known to paid higher amount than its competitors. The best part about the site is, they have ‘No Minimum Limit’ for payments and you get paid immediately after finishing the survey. Although you can choose to ‘bank’ your reward points and redeem them later.

Opinion Outpost

Again, the mere minimum limit is $10 after which you can immediately get paid through either PayPal, or you can avail the gift card for sites like Amazon and iTunes


If $10 looked like a big amount to you, its time for celebration because this site pays you with a wide range of gift card once your account reaches the limit of $2. Now isn’t that great even by the standards of surveys that pay immediately?


The threshold limit for this surveying site is slightly more than the others. But you can get paid in cash or via PayPal once you reach the limit of $15 in your account.

Consumer Village

If you do not worry about being paid only in cash and you’re happy with an Amazon gift card, Consumer Village is the place for you. Here you can get an Amazon gift card simply by reaching the minimum limit of $5.


With the minimum payout limit of $1, Swagbucks is surely a survey site you would want to visit. It says on their website that payment can take up to 10 days but reviews tell us that they pay much faster than that!


A speedy PayPal payment within 24 hours and with no minimum requirement, Mindswarms is a great place to take surveys that pay instantly. And if you can donate a little more of your time and do a video survey, they pay you a whopping $50 for it!