8 Popular WordPress Instagram Themes To Promote Your Business Website

Instagram is responsible for changing the way human beings interact with each other online in ways not many people could imagine possible just a few years back. It is possible to judge the popularity of this social media networking platform from the fact that 800 million people around the world use it for various reasons. Even top celebrities in the field of cinema, art, and music depend upon it to keep in touch with their ardent fans. Entrepreneurs who take the initiative to exploit its potential to generate more organic traffic to their business websites are also witnessing new opportunities opening up them.

Prominent experts point out that it is possible for entrepreneurs operating small businesses to attract new customers to the products they are offering to sell the public via their websites with Instagram. They will not fail to notice that the contents they upload on their sites using this popular social media networking platform enable them to reach out to a larger audience in the marketplace. Moreover, they can accomplish this task at a fraction of the cost in comparison to traditional modes of advertising.This goes a long way in boosting their organization’s sales and bottom-line revenues over time. However, not many of them know that it is possible to integrate their establishment’s Instagram Accounts with their WordPress business websites with the aid of suitable themes.

What are WordPress Instagram Themes?

For people who are unaware of what a WordPress Instagram theme is, these professionals explain that they are tools Instagram users can use to display their visual contents on their websites. Such features enable these individuals to manages the videos, pictures, and images they want to display on their sites in an effective manner. They can also show visual contents from numerous other user accounts and use tags to identify the source of such information. They can also use certain settings to determine the exact sizes of the images they wish to show, how they wish to display such images at any point in time and the layout.

Top 8 most Popular WordPress Instagram Themes

The experts point out the following eight crucial WordPress Instagram themes entrepreneurs can use to increase the popularity of their business websites among the members of their target audience:

  1. Belle

This highly responsive theme allows entrepreneurs to display images of their brand products on their websites in a manner which appeals to the aesthetic tastes of their online clients. It includes some unique features like multi-column layouts, tabs, carousels and exclusive ad management options which make such pictures stand out. It also not very difficult to use.

  1. Sugarblog

People in the fashion industry will simply fall in love with this theme. Its unique features enable them to highlight the visual content of the products they upload on their business websites in such a manner as to attract the attention of online browsers. This puts them in a better position to attract more followers to their Instagram accounts.They also get the freedom to optimize their Instagram feeds on their WordPress websites in a manner that caters to their needs.

  1. Schema

This is a relatively WordPress Instagram theme may prove to be useful to entrepreneurs carry out business activities in the field of travel, fashion, hotel, and restaurants. Even people who write a personal blog on their websites will take a liking to this theme. It elegant streamline design and a wide range of flexible feature will certainly appeal to such people. If they are capable of using this theme in the right way it possible for them to attract a large number of people with an active profile on Instagram. On the other hand, such individuals can also buy such Instagram followers and their view when they visit https://gramblast.com.

  1. Blueberry

This lightweight yet responsive WordPress Instagram theme will not fail to attract the attention of entrepreneurs and individuals who tend to write up personal blogs. It is ideal for business owners who want to see an increase in their websites’ rankings on various internet search engines by making good use of the potential of Instagram. Its flexible features and modern display can make a huge impact on their online audience.

  1. Raita

This WordPress Instagram theme is ideal for writers who have the necessary tools to highlight the content they uniquely upload on their websites for their target audience. Its prominent features include a thrilling typography and color palette they can customize according to their distinct needs.

  1. HearthStone

Hearthstone’s down-to-earth’s aesthetics will not fail to attract the attention of many online browsers especially those with a flair for blogging. The unique features of this theme may prove to be benefits to people owning websites dealing with fashion, travel, art, interior designing, photography and other similar fields.

  1. Laurel

This is WordPress Instagram theme which proves to be very useful for entrepreneurs operating online retail stores. It has a built-in WP Instagram Widget plugin that allows such owners to customize their sites according to their needs especially when it comes to choosing the right colors and layout. They also use its MailChimp for WordPress feature to get the latest news, updates, and emails of the day.

  1. Flow

Most individuals have their own unique style of writing blogs, taking snapshots or vlogging. Flow is a popular WordPress Instagram theme that allow such people to showcase their creativity to other online browsers. It enables them to create a free and viable Instagram profile if they do not have one to attract potential followers. It has 3 distinct index pages and 6 distinctive blog templates which such individuals can use according to their needs and convenience.

For entrepreneurs and blogger, integrating their Instagram profile with their WordPress websites can prove to be beneficial to them in the long-run. It can help them generate more organic traffic from their target audience and even attract new browsers. Making use of the above 8 WordPress Instagram themes can help them to achieve this objective and even boost’s their sites’ rankings on result pages of popular internet search engines.