How To Choose The Best Diamond Rings

Here is a rundown of the significant factors that enables one to choose the best diamond rings:


Most people who have purchased diamonds before would know what the 4Cs stands for, but If you are not one of them – here is a detailed overview.

Carat – This defines the weight of the diamond. The higher the carat, the heavier is the diamond and the higher is its value. So when you buy a diamond it is not really its size that matters. You could be looking to buy a ring with a huge diamond, buy its weight could be much less than a smaller diamond. You cannot know the weight of the diamond by just looking at it. What you need to do is weigh it. It is the responsibility of the jewellery store to give you the carat. 

Colour – Though diamonds are supposed to be colourless, some inferior quality diamonds would have a yellow colour. The highest grade in a diamond is D while the lowest is graded as Z. Though an experienced eye will be able to judge the colour,  it is usually done by placing the diamond and observing it in bright light. The lower the quality, the more the yellow tinges it will reflect, and the higher the quality, the clearer it will be. 

Clarity – A diamond free of any blemish is considered to be a clear diamond of high value. Hence, when you buy a diamond ring, ask for the level of clarity which is graded as SI to I, with S1 being the lowest. Once again, a diamond’s imperfections cannot be judged by the naked eye, and need to be examined under a monocle loupe.

Cuts – Diamonds, when found in the raw form, are cut to increase their luster, weight and clarity. The most common cuts are round, oval, princess, pear, marquise, heart, cushion and emerald. The round, oval and princess cut are the most favoured for diamond rings while the brilliant round is the most expensive. It goes without saying the cut will determine the cost and the beauty.


Traditional gold or funky silver, you should know the metal used to design the ring while buying it.

Gold – Gold, as diamonds, is weighed in carats and 24K is considered the purest form. However, most diamond rings are made in 14K gold, because the alloys used give the gold  its rigidity to hold the diamond in place. A 14K gold ring would  have alloys of copper or other metals and it means 14 percent of it is gold.

Silver – Silver is another popular metal used to make diamond rings. With gold becoming very expensive, and considered ostentatious and heavy by the younger generation, silver diamond rings are much sought. 


The things to look out for are already mentioned on the top, but how do you judge the diamond ring merits with just online images. Check out the following elements:

Product description – The product description should clearly mention the 4Cs as well as the weight and type of metal used to craft the ring. If this is missing from an online description, there is no way to know  if the cost of the ring is worth it.

Certification – Even if all the information is clearly mentioned, ensure you are given a certification of authenticity with the diamond ring you buy. The certificate must be by a recognized body such as ISO or BSI, and should mention all the details with regard to the precious stones and metals.