All That You Have To Keep In Mind About Movavi Slideshow In Mac

MovaviSlideShow for Mac is a simple and convenient program for creating slideshows on Mac OS, with which you can easily combine your photos with music and mount a fascinating movie from photos.The program is completely in Russian, and in its simple interface anyone, even a beginner, will be able to understand!

On your computer accumulated a lot of photos from travel? Surprise your relatives and friends by making an interesting film from photos! With MovaviSlideShow for Mac, you do not need any special skills for this.

Main Functions:

  • download images in any popular formats;
  • add slideshow video clips;
  • Adding individual files and entire folders;
  • remove unnecessary fragments, cut and rotate the video;
  • animated transitions between photos;
  • download your own audio tracks or choose one of the ready;
  • export video for viewing on mobile devices.

Use The Filter To Reduce The Number Of Rows In The Product Delivery Options Table:

  • License scope- select the licenses by the amount of rights granted to users:
  • Full – the license for the initial purchase.
  • Upgrade – a license to upgrade to a new version.
  • Renewal is a license to extend the validity period.
  • Transition from software with less functionality (Upsell) – a license to go to a more complex edition within one version.
  • The transition from competing software (Competition upgrade) is a license for switching from another software product within the framework of a marketing promotion of the manufacturer.
  • Add-on is the license to increase the number of workplaces or users of the basic supply.
  • Subscription (Maintenance, Subscription) – a license to receive updates and technical support from the manufacturer for a certain period.
  • License validity period- select licenses for the validity period – unlimited, for 1 year, for 2 years, etc.
  • Form of sale- select the form of sale of licenses – non-exclusive right to use, software, etc.
  • When the selection is complete, click the “Filter” button.

Gray positions are marked with installation disks (distributions), which are sold in addition to the corporate license and do not contain licenses themselves.

The price is indicated for 1 license or set. If the “Price” field is not filled, then, probably, this option has a minimum number of licenses to purchase. Go to the item description page (click on the name of the delivery option) to see all prices and discounts. For more you can visit to There you will be able to have a proper option for getting all the information for the same and that too within the budget that is perfect for you. Also the users need to keep in mind that the whole process is quite effective and that is the reason that you will be able to have a perfect use of the same with this now.