5 Mind Blasting Street Foods Of Goa That Will Make You Run For A Bite

Whenever you have doubt about selecting a beach destination in India, visit Goa. Being the country’s party capital, Goa is a place where one can chill and unwind at any time of the year.

From kayaking, kitesurfing, sunbathing, to parasailing and crocodile watching, Goa has crazy activities to satisfy a hungry beach lover. But, if you are looking for a quintessential Goan experience, you should read the following 5 must-try street food items on your next visit to Goa. Like street food in any city of India, the Goan street food will surely give you a fantastic cultural escapade. Sites like Movablemark will help you in regards to lifestyle.

Did you know, many of the street food vans and carts in Goa are more than 15-25 years old? Amazing, right? The vendors serving food are a delight to converse with and attract foodies from all over the world. So what are you waiting for? Now with cheap Goa Hotels, you should plan a trip to this fabulous beach destination right away!

Alankar Theater Food Street

If you wish to try mouth-watering noodles, fried rice, butter chicken, chicken lollipop, fruit juices, and milkshakes, then a visit to Alankar Theater Food Street should be on your itinerary.

Cost for two: INR 350

Where: 40, Rua do Pinto Cordeiro, Mapusa.

Seating: Available

Ravi Ras Omelette

Located near the Panjim Church, Ravi Ras Omelette is a 25-year-old cart which serves yummy and popular ras omelette and chicken masala.

Cost for two: INR 200

Where: 18th June Road, Altinho, Panjim.

Seating: Unavailable

The Goan Food Truck

The Goan Food Truck is a new addition to the local Goan food scene. Gorge on some tempting beef cutlet bread, pork cutlet bread, pork chops, beef steak, sorpotel, sausage bread and chicken xacuti at this place which is already quite popular among the locals. So, don’t miss out the chance of gulping down these yum items.

Cost for two: INR 150

Where: MDR 43, Cansaulim.

Seating: Unavailable

Haji Ali Chicken Shawarma

Started by Haider Ali from Kerala, the specialty of this place is the two shawarma grills. One of the grills have regular marinated chicken, and the other one has a spicy marinade which is, of course, the more popular one. The steamy chicken is sliced off the grill then is mixed thoroughly with delicious mayo, fresh salad and French fries. Once the mixing is done, it is then rolled up in a thin flour paratha. Heavenly, isn’t it?

Cost for two: INR 150

Where: St Inez Road, Santa Inez, Panjim

Seating: Unavailable

Michael Lobo’s Center

Michael along with his wife started a small, fast food cart in the year 1989 in the Candolim area of Goa. This popular local hangout sells delicious egg chops, chicken lollipop, prawn chops, vada pav and mirchi pav.

Cost for two: INR 100

Where: 1411/68 A, Pilerne – Candolim Road, Sainagar, Candolim.

Seating: Unavailable

This list of 5 must-try street food items on your next visit to Goa should be tried by you when you are low on a budget yet want to gorge on delicacies.  Let us know which one of these was your favorite. Till we meet again, happy travels.