How To Organize Space To Inspire Healthy Habits and Productivity

The best way to inspire healthy habits is to surround yourself with healthy things you find motivational. Creating a space that will help you break all the bad habits, replace them with good ones and motivate you to become more productive will ensure a better life for you and your family. So, here are some tips on how to organize your home to inspire healthy habits.

Healthy groceries inspire healthy eating

Let’s start with kitchen area. The first thing you should do is supplying your refrigerator and kitchen cabinets with healthy organic foods. That way you will make sure that you are altering your eating habits and preparing healthy meals for your family. Replace unhealthy snacks with healthy equivalents such as kale chips, cashews, almonds, pistachios, etc. Once you surround yourself with fresh vegetables, whole foods, and organic groceries you will find time in your busy schedule for good foods.

How To Organize Space To Inspire Healthy Habits and Productivity

Decorate with plants and fruits

Inspire your healthy decisions by decorating your kitchen space like Airbnb super hosts do. Paint your walls in warm tones such as pastel yellow, avocado green, peach, rose, apricot or beige and similar shades and decorate with fresh fruit bowls, colorful flower bouquets, green leafy house plants or DIY fruit centerpieces for your table. The color of the walls is similar to the colors of fresh veggies and fruits, therefore, it will inspire you to include more greens and fruits in your meals.

Also, making a herb garden in your home and having fresh herbs will not only make your kitchen smell wonderful but make your cooking more fun as well and inspire you to experiment with different flavors.

Include your children

Motivate your children to draw healthy foods, why it is good to eat them and place the drawings on the refrigerator or frame them and use as decorative artworks. Painting a part of your wall with chalk paint and creating a chalkboard can be a great idea for artistic moms and dads. You can draw what’s on the menu for the day, or inspire your children to draw on the chalkboard so that you can keep an eye on them while preparing food.

How To Organize Space To Inspire Healthy Habits and Productivity

Living room = relaxing space

Your living room area should be decorated to inspire relaxation and productivity since it is the heart of the house, a room where a family spends most of their time together. Because of our busy lifestyles, we barely have time to relax and that is why it is important to create a private sanctuary in your home where spending time means you are recharging your batteries and boosting your energy.

Natural elements inspire healthy life

Create a Zen-inspired interior by introducing natural elements such as raw, unprocessed woods, stones, rocks, leather, cotton, and linen to create positive energy flow in your home. Avoid overcrowding shelves and cluttering your home and accept minimalistic principles to make sure your happy place is healthy as well.

Decorate with leafy houseplants to inspire the connection to nature. Get rid of the curtains and let natural light into your home; open windows often and let fresh air circulate through rooms. The key is in simplicity and purity when creating a perfect family room; in creating a space (an oasis in your home) where the whole family will feel inspired to create healthy habits, and where you can focus on peacefulness, tranquility and finding your inner peace. Place a Himalayan pink salt lamp on a shelf near your sofa to clean the air in the room and find time to practice yoga or other exercises.

How To Organize Space To Inspire Healthy Habits and Productivity

Your own organic garden

Make a garden in your backyard where you can grow organic vegetables and fruits. Imagine walking out of your house into your backyard instead of going to the store, knowing that the veggies and fruits you are giving to your children are 100% organic. Invest in professional gardening equipment, quality water hoses, and necessary utilities and tools to make sure you are taking care of the greens the right way. Having a garden in your backyard will inspire your children to join you while you’re gardening, learn about various plants and why it is important to eat healthily. It is a perfect family bonding activity that will inspire healthy habits.

These are all simple things that, if done properly, will have a great impact on your life and your choices. Organize your home to inspire healthy habits and productiveness – to create a happier and healthier life for your family.