First, the backstory. I am a born writer. My father and even my grandfather served this country as a writer. So, I grew up surrounded by books, and novels, and manual scripts of something that needs to be published.

Based on my past, I was landed in a job as an SEO consultant. Right from the start, I was bound to writing solely for the sake of search engines.

I had little or no idea about copywriting or writing for humans. But, as I advanced my skill, I was able to figure out why SEO-copywriting is different and how it can influence the psychology of consumers.

The good news is, I will be sharing some of my learnings with you today.

  • Social Media feedback at real-time

If you have the slightest idea about SEO, you know that it is all about keeping the content current and relevant to your audience.

When you publish a blog post, you’re not just putting a content out there. You’re putting valuable information out there that will searched by millions of people out there.

So, to grab the attention of potential customers out there, you need to look for feedback that customers are giving and help them in real-time. When you start helping your customers in real-time this will help Google to highlight your brand as someone who is willing to help customers.

  • Headlines are the soul of your brand

No matter what your product is, or your brand support certain features which are different than your competitors. You need to put down headlines that are attention-grabbing for the end-users.

Craft awesome titles for each page. No need to worry about the search engine. Craft your titles for the audience.

  • Is your content engaging?

Is the design of the website only denominator of a great website? No. With great website design comes the greater responsibility for the content.

For content, the best practice is to go for an agency that offers best SEO services. Because in that you’ll have the complete package along with the content of the website that is highly optimized for search engines.

If the content is not attention-grabbing what is the point of creating the content in the first place.

  • Is the content shareable?

SEO is simply the art of selling your content to the search engine. But in the modern day digital age, the content needs to be user-friendly.

If your content is not engaging and the users are not forcing to share the content, you need to devise a better content marketing strategy.

The content needs to connect with the user. If you’re not telling the story that users are looking forward to, you need to organize the content in such a manner that does move people and they stick-in to come for more.

To wrap it all up

Simple SEO is not an option not anymore. You need to plan the content in a manner that gives the user some story, some emotion, or some memory to live by. If the content doesn’t ignite your user, it is not advised to write content for the search engines anymore.