Managing endurance sports can be quite challenging. Often, we need to start at a low key and set a steady rhythm. It should culminate into a crescendo, when it almost reaches a climax and we need to win the match. This may seem like an orchestra and to achieve it, we will need strong endurance and flawless performance from all organs. This could actually test the limits of our endurance. Athletes may need to endure a pace that can border on endurance.

There are many factors that can determine our ability to perform endurance sports, such as having high protein diet that can increase the aerobic performance. We will be able to delay fatigue and sustain much support. Well planned protein-based diet can provide us with enough energy, without accumulating excessive acid and other waste products. If we perform workout with greater intensity, we should also be able achieve greater efficiency. When performing endurance sports, fuel stored in the muscles and the capacity of respiratory and cardiovascular systems should be significantly expanded.

The stimulus for development and growth in endurance sports can be achieved with aerobic stress. This should give our body a room for development. However, the building block of growth is proteins and we also need ample of various amino acids during training sessions, as we are improving the performance of our body.  During intense training sessions to increase our endurance, we will need high energy diet combines with proper protein intake. With proper dietary protein intake, we will have good release of insulin and growth hormone.

We need enough intake of lipid and glycogen to ensure sustained activities for a longer period o time. With enough protein, we should have proper performance and stamina, while maintaining lean body mass. Proteins actually supply only less than 10 percent of our body needs during physical workouts. During bodybuilding sessions, more protein is needed, because other than as a supplementary fuel source, it has more crucial role for building muscle mass and other parts of our body.

Even if we have high energy diet, it will fail to protect protein from being disassembled into fuel, if we have low intake of protein. It means that endurance athletes should have high level of protein consumption to ensure that they will have proper growth. Professional athletes with high degree of training session may need protein supplements that are prescribed by sports nutritionists. A good nutritionist should know how to achieve a proper nitrogen balance, so athletes can achieve an optimal state.

It is important to avoid being in a situation called the accommodative state. It happens when body proteins are broken down, due to the inadequate protein intake. This can be a bit tricky even for nutritionist, because just eating protein-rich diet doesn’t always provide our body with all essential amino acids, because there are different types of amino acids that we need.  We should know how to properly consume enough amino acids that can help to boost our performance as amateur or professional athletes.