Grilling steak properly can be quite a challenge. As an example, you may choose the wrong type of meat. You need the proper cut of meat, which is appropriate for grilling. As an example, you can get great flavour with good combination of meat and fat, by grilling strip steaks. On the other hand, filet mignon is lean and you should pan sear it. You need to experiment with the right kind of steak. Choosing a good quality of meat should also be necessary and you need to avoid bad steak like a plague. You need to make sure that you are dealing with reputable suppliers, so you are able to get your money’s worth.

There should be sellers in area that provide you with the best and premium quality meat. Meats are graded based on specific categories and you will get the right balance between connective tissue and marbling of meat. Prime is the highest meat category, followed by Choice, which should also provide great steak quality. It provides you with the right balance between quality and lower price. In order to get good results, you also need to season the meat early. You need to salt the meat before working with charcoal. If you do this too late, herb juice, salt and pepper won’t have enough time to get absorbed into the meat.

The seasoning step should take place about 30 minutes before the grilling process or much of the salt will be left on the grill. You should give enough time for the seasoning to dissolve and flavour the meat evenly. Sea salt or rock salt is often the best option than regular table salt. In fact, if you choose meat with excellent quality, all you need is a bit of salt. Another thing to consider is to make sure that the meat is at room temperature before grilling. If the meat is still cold, it will take longer to cook properly. Also, meat at room temperature will absorb the seasoning better.

If possible, you should use charcoal, instead of the normal gas grill. It is convenient to use gas grills, but you won’t get the proper taste associated with grilling. Hardwood charcoal should work well for grilling, because it can produce a steady level of heat. You can get the additional smoky flavour by adding wood chips to the grill, but you shouldn’t overdo it. When grilling, you should designate different heat zones on the grill. You should start with the hottest spot on the grill, to get the proper flavour and color. Another thing that you should is to avoid touching the meat too often.

When grilling, you should get steak with consistent thickness from the same supplier. So, you will be able to predict the temperature level and time needed to cook it. You should also learn how to get consistent level of heat as well. If you are able to make all the factors consistent, it will be less likely for you to screw it up.