There are many types of travellers that we can fund around the world. Each person is unique and this can be represented with your perspective on travelling. A common type of traveller is budget travellers. They have a quite strict budget and any deviation from their budget plan could wreak havoc to their entire trip. So, no extra drinks for these travellers unless they get them for free. There are obviously travellers who love to party and you can find them easily at a bar, having so much fun with their friends. Obviously, they won’t match well with travellers who have strict budget. Another type of travellers is those who are flexible and can go anywhere they want. They are usually veteran travellers who frequently visit other countries. They don’t have a fixed schedule. They may stay longer in an area if it’s more interesting than their expectation or they may leave a tourist destination sooner, if it’s disappointing. In any trip opportunity, you should know how to properly go with the flow and you should know where you are going.

At the other end of the spectrum, you may find methodical planners who refuse to do anything that’s no pre-arranged. It means that each second is properly planned and they are always in constant worry that things will go wrong if they don’t follow the schedule. You may also find modern techies who become avid travellers. They may use latest gadgets and accessories for their travelling purposes. By using technology, they will be able to discover hidden destinations and find shortcuts. However, some of them could end up wasting money by buying gadgets that they don’t really need. There are also avid souvenir buyers who seek to purchase many things available in the destination area. These people often have trouble, because they go over the baggage weight limits during the homeward journey. Another type is the know-it-all travellers who have meticulously studied their destination and they may end up becoming experts themselves. It’s acceptable for you to be such a traveller, but it doesn’t mean that you should interrupt the travel guide continuously with “trivias” and “little known facts”.

There are also fancy photographers who want to take snap for even the slightly interesting object and scenery. If you want to become a travelling amateur photographer, you should consider whether it’s really appropriate to bring an expensive camera, lens and all the accessories. In many cases, iPhone 7 and other high-end smartphone models are already able to provide more than decent shots. Among the most annoying travellers are the constant complainers. They never find anything that’s acceptable based on their standards. They may have artificially high expectation, which is often not realistic based on the local conditions in the tourist destination. In a more serious case, they could end up becoming helpless travellers who find that everything they encounter is a bit too much to handle. In order to make your trip very enjoyable, you should avoid doing things too much.