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How to Tell if Lingerie is Sustainable/Vegan

It’s been revealed that millennials are increasingly becoming interested in sustainability. In fact, 34% of millennials say they’ve been driven to make a fashion purchase just because it was sustainable. If you’re one someone who’s conscious about where their clothing…

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Keep Calm and Fight with Style

Nausea, fatigue and hair loss. These are some of the side effects that cancer patients suffer when they undergo chemotherapy. Maybe hair loss is not the strongest of all, but it is something that can damage self-esteem. Of course, it…

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Top Tips to Take Care of your Feet

If there is one part of the human body that works endlessly, it is our feet. Our feet are constantly at work, enabling us to move around and finish our tasks daily. Our body, as a whole, needs to be…

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Top Causes of Acne in Adults

It’s heartbreaking when you have to patiently wait for your 20’s so that you a have smooth and clear skin. Everything goes pear-shaped when you learn that bad looking acne don’t actually end during your teenage years. Getting to cope…

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4 Ways to Keep Your Immune System Strong

During winter, the opportunity to become ill thanks to an underperforming immune system is that much more likely. Not only are you more vulnerable due to the colder weather, but the instinct to stay inside during this period means you…

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Waist trainers have become a popular option for reducing weight as well as for muscle building. There are many varieties of weight cinchers available in the market. So, how do you buy the best waist trainer without getting confused? Just…

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What is so special about organic beauty products?

These days, people are moving towards organic beauty products leaving behind the conventional products made up of chemicals. The beauty products manufacturing companies are also trying to earn profits through this trend. We can see many advertisements on television as…

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High Protein Foods for Students

The human body constitutes of amino acids that are responsible for the creation of protein. Protein is responsible for forming muscle mass while simultaneously reducing body fat. Majority of the bodybuilders consume an excessive amount of protein in their diets…