With Halloween 2018 around the corner, it is imperative you decide on the theme of the party you’re planning for beforehand. Most parties, as we all know, would definitely be Black Panther themed and not to mention the Avengers would definitely be making a comeback this year, as well, given the success of the movies which were out earlier this year. You can find your favorite superhero accessories on The League of Geeks online store! If you’re anything like us and want to try something from the past, go for a Pokémon themed party. Okay, I know Pokémon is not too much in the past and with Pokémon Go gaining momentum it’s definitely not history yet which is why it’s a great idea we bet no one has thought of yet!

There are various ways to plan and throw a tremendous Pokémon themed party but parties can be time consuming and needless to say, quite expensive. So look no more! We have great ideas which would be as innovative as it gets without costing you a fortune. They are:

  1. The Invitations

The party won’t be a success unless people show up to it. People will only show up if they’re invited. With that being said, let’s get invitations out of the way first. The invitations must scream Pokémon and for that, it must lay between a certain colors ranges – yellow, red, black etc. To make them more adult and convenient you can make good use of your Photoshop skills to create a masterpiece with Pikachu dressed up for Halloween to add a little humor to it.

With that, to keep the costs in check, Social Media is the key. If your friends are more concentrated on Twitter, flood Twitter with the invitations or if they’re more alive on other apps, focus on those.

  1. The Décor

The décor is another one of the important aspects to make your party a hit. For the décor, we have various dimensions to work towards which would be:

  • The Cups

To give the place more character, you can totally DIY the cups for the party. This would definitely take more effort but would be worth the sweat. For the cups, you can simply grab yellow cups from Target and get all your girlfriends around to use supplies from home to create Pikachu cups. These supplies would only include a couple of sharpies and some paint. With the sharpies you can draw any character from Pokémon as you like.

  • Poke Balls

Poke Balls

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With Pokémon Go being the talk of the town, adults have left kids far back in the race for the game. The game is more like a craze than it is a game. To capitalize on this madness, you can also make faux Poke Balls and hide them around the house for the extra fun. This activity would make the game more like a reality than just a virtual phenomenon.

  • Photo Booth

We live in a time where nothing is complete without taking tons of pictures. As much as people hate it, we cannot seem to disagree with the fact that they work more like memories. To make it a memorable night for all the party animals, it would be a great idea to have a wonderful backdrop in place as per the Pokémon theme. Not just that, you can also have props to go with the back drop to make the pictures more fun.

If you want to further elevate the party and make it more hands on and fun, you can DIY these balls on balloon and add water in them. This way you can have a fun water fight people would be talking about the rest of the year.