Leading a healthy lifestyle goes a long way in keeping you fit. In today’s fast paced life, following a healthy lifestyle seems to be a difficult task, but adopting a few good habits can help in achieving wellness. Here are a few daily habits that are essential for leading a healthy lifestyle.

Include 45 Mins of Physical Activity on a Daily Basis

Spend a minimum of 45 minutes in some sort of physical activity like walking, jogging, yoga or gym. It need not be very intense. You can include a variety of activities depending upon your preference and stamina. Even a simple form of exercise goes a long way in maintaining your health, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disorders and depression-related diseases, boosting your alertness and alleviating your mood.

Drink Pure Water

Water basically acts as a fuel for the proper functioning of the body. As the water available today is mostly contaminated, use a water purifier system to get access to clean and pure drinking water. If you happen to drink contaminated water, you are likely to suffer from many waterborne diseases.

Drinking the recommended amounts of water purified using a water purifier system helps in detoxification, digestion and having better skin and hair texture.

Eat Healthily

Instead of snacking on fried foods, make it a habit to include fruits and vegetables in your diet. They contain a lot of vitamins and antioxidants that are required by the body and also help in boosting the immunity and energy levels. One thing to keep in mind is to wash these fruits and vegetables properly by probably using a vegetable and fruit cleaner. The vegetables and fruits are usually sprayed with many insecticides and pesticides in the process of cultivation. Rinsing them with tap water is not enough to remove the traces of these chemicals. Consuming them along with the traces of these harmful chemicals can result in causing more harm than good, so make sure to clean them thoroughly.

Sleep Well for At Least 8 Hours

The body repairs itself when you are in a sleep mode. It is the time when not only the body but also the mind gets to rest. Make sure to sleep well for a minimum of 6 hours to get up healthy and happy both mentally and physically. If your schedule doesn’t allow you to take 6-8 hours of sleep at night, make sure to include some power naps during the day to keep you mentally alert.


Stress has become a part and parcel of today’s hectic daily lives. Make it a habit to destress yourself daily. It will help in maintaining both your physical and mental health. You can choose any relaxing activity like listening to soothing music, meditating or reading. A little time spent on any of these relaxing activities will help you unwind and feel calm and happy.

Adding these daily habits to your day-to-day routine is not as tough as you think. Remember that your health is in your hands. Making these habits a part of your life will help you in leading a healthy and happy life.