Joint Entrance Examination(JEE),  is an engineering entrance exam written by the students to get admission in engineering colleges across India like NITs and IITs. It has a two-phase examination structure. JEE Main is the first phase of examination and the second phase is called JEE Advanced. The students who got selected in JEE Main is eligible for appearing in the JEE Advanced.

JEE exam has a fixed exam structure and marking scheme in each of the three subjects like maths, physics and chemistry and the total marks allotted is 360. Thirty questions are asked from each subject and each question carries 4 marks. So, each subject consists of 120 marks. 4 marks are allotted for every correct answer and -1 marks for a wrong answer and 0 for un-attempted questions.

Among these three subjects, mathematics is the scoring subjects. You can score quickly from simple topics like quadratic equations, parabola, probability and statistics etc. The list of important topics for mathematics along with weightage is given in detail.

Topic-wise Weightage for Mathematics

  • Coordinate Geometry  – 20 marks            
  • Limits, Continuity and Differentiability  – 12 marks
  • Integral Calculus  – 12 marks
  • Matrices and Determinants  – 8 marks
  • Complex numbers and Quadratic Equation  – 8 marks
  • Three Dimensional Geometry  – 8 marks
  • Statistics and Probability  – 8 marks
  • Vector Algebra  – 8 marks
  • Permutations and Combinations  – 4 marks
  • Sequences and  Series – 4 marks     
  • Mathematical Reasoning  – 4 marks
  • Statics and Dynamics  – 4 marks
  • Sets, Relation and Function – 4 marks     
  • Binomial Theorem and Its Application – 4 marks     
  • Trigonometry – 4 marks     
  • Differential Equation – 4 marks     
  • Differential Calculus – 4 marks     


The highest weightage in mathematics is given to the chapter coordinate geometry. Learn the equations of lines, planes and the standard form of an ellipse in conic sections to score more.


Since mathematics is the foundation of all engineering calculations, you can master yourself by practising more and more. Every topic in this subject is important, and the concepts are related to each other.


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