The Ultimate App Launch Checklist - Pre-Launch App Guide

Often the pre-launch phase of a mobile application can be confused with the design and development of the actual app itself. The precision is usually taken care of in designing the application rather than the launch of it. However, the UK App Development phase is only the beginning. There are many important considerations to be made in the pre-launch and post-launch of a mobile app. This will be to identify errors at its earliest stages and ensure the smooth running of an app launch and post-launch.

This is the ultimate guide for with everything you need to check off when launching an app.

Mobile Application Pre-launch Checklist:

  • Branding and design is the very common one which you need to nail. Something memorable and catchy, the themes should be consistent with the mobile site and mobile app.
  • Consider voice search when choosing your name, also content should be conversational pieces which are pronounceable using voice assistants, which App Developers say. Voice search is revolutionary, and developers should be jumping onto this now.
  • Google Play Developer and Apple Developer Account may take a few days to approve, ensure that they are set up in advance.
  • Prepare the display shots for the app store
  • Before the launch you need to entice users for the launch of the brand new App launch, start collecting emails addresses of users interested and do some journalist outreach.
  • Enable prompts to users on smartphones to download the app and set up your app landing website/ page so that mobile traffic can be guided to the app store.
  • Picking between iOS and Android? Generally, iOS is more natural to develop for, as fewer devices are supporting this. Typically, iPhone users are willing to pay for something that is premium if it is good.
  • Android systems are on thousands of devices which different screen sizes, memory, etc.
  • Test, test, test. Have a closed beta launch for early feedback.
  • Read your competitors app reviews and take on board the feedback, often there are often some valuable suggestions.
  • One size doesn’t fit all – Optimise your app for smartphones, tablets, iOS, Android and other software.
  • Notify your entire email database about your launch date (and after the release too). Often journalist like exclusive access and involvement before an app launch.
  • Ensure the entire brand collateral is organised and consistent. Double check that all your banners and logos are available in different file formats as well as sizes so that they can be used easily on various online channels.
  • Identify the metrics and best tools that you’re going to use for tracking the app’s performance when testing and upon post-launch. It is vital that a close eye is kept on the app’s performance after the launch.
  • Make a foolproof growth plan to be executed for the next 12 months after the launch of the apps.